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for remote access

Supporting a variety of cloud platforms like mbCONNECT24, AZURE, AWS and more, as well as modem communication protocols like OPC-UA and MQTT, mbEDGE transforms your mbNET into a powerful IOT gateway. With mbEDGE, your mbNET unit will acquire data locally, process it and push it to your cloud application.


  • Pre-installed Docker Engine
  • Pre-installed Container:

    • to manage Docker containers
    • Node-RED for easy programming
    • Optional: 3 containers for running user applications

  • Node-RED provides:

    • Web-based programming user interface with Drag&Drop
    • Industrial protocols: MQTT, OPC-UA, Modbus, S7 and many more
    • Cloud-connectivity: Azure, IBM, Amazon and more
    • TCP/IP, HTTPs, E-Mail, Twitter and more
    • User-defined function blocks
    • mbCONNECT24 node to connect with dashboards & widgets

  • Data stored on the SD card is encrypted
  • 8 GB industrial grade SD card (MLC NAND, UHS-I interface)
  • Temperature (usage): -40 to 85°C
  • Dimensions: 24mm x 32mm x 2,1mm


Instead of sending all machine- and sensor data directly to the cloud, pre-processing of data at the edge of the network is becoming more and more important. Instead of large portions of raw data, only defined values are passed on to the cloud. The immediate benefit: a decentralized network structure saves bandwidth and offers more real-time capability.

Product versions:
Name Item no. Short description Node-RED Node-RED
EDG100 1.901.000.01.00 mbEDGE.start - - -
EDG200 1.902.000.01.00 mbEDGE.advanced

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