In these workshops you will learn how to use mbEDGE and how to use Node-RED easily. To get even more out of your mbEDGE we also offer an Advanced Workshop.
mbEDGE: Start and Advanced Workshop

IoT Upgrade for your remote maintenance

Supporting a variety of cloud platforms like mbCONNECT24, AZURE, AWS and more, as well as modern communication protocols like OPC-UA and MQTT, mbEDGE transforms your mbNET into a powerful IOT gateway. With mbEDGE, your mbNET unit will acquire data locally, process it and push it to your cloud application.


Contents workshop "Start"

mbEDGE.start inclusive*

  • Applications of mbEDGE
  • Introduction, Installation and Setup mbEDGE
  • Using mbEDGE SD Card and Key Management
  • Application programming with S7, MQTT, OPC-UA
  • Including catering & workshop documents & mbEDGE.start

149,00 €**


Contents workshop "Advanced"

mbEDGE.advanced inclusive*

  • Create your own Docker-Containers
  • Installation of additional Nodes
  • Generation of own User-Nodes
  • Managing Containers with
  • Including catering & workshop documents & mbEDGE.advanced

149,00 €**

*Our mbEDGE can only be purchased in conjunction with one of the offered workshops.
**All prices are exclusive of statutory value added tax.



First step towards IoT, simple EDGE computing, extension of existing systems via remote maintenance



Notebook (with administrative rights), basic knowledge in the use of Windows and network communication


Interesting for:

Project engineers, service technicians, maintenance engineers, electrical designers and persons responsible in the field of electrical automation for industry, buildings, real estate and infrastructure, persons responsible for data monitoring



The participation fee is EUR 149.00 per participant plus VAT. Included in the fee: Participation in the workshop, workshop documents, lunch and refreshments during the breaks.


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