mbNETFIX - protection by network segmentation
Industrial firewall for automation users

MB connect line presents mbNETFIX as a new industrial firewall for automation users. It provides protection against attacks by using the industrial firewall to segment the production network into manageable and logically separated units. In bridged mode, mbNETFIX can be easily integrated into existing networks, which are located in the same network segment and uses packet filters to protect the data exchange between WAN and LAN. In learning mode, the firewall records all connections. Based on the captured packet table the user then decides which connections are allowed and blocks all others. He is comfortably supported by the MapView function. This unique graphical surface shows the user at a glance which connections are currently configured in the firewall and which network participants were detected. In addition, the network architecture and activities can be documented. To control data traffic, the industry firewall can filter allowed and forbidden data traffic based on the source MAC / IP addresses, destination MAC / IP addresses and ports. Of course, all other firewall functions like NAT, port forwarding and routing are also implemented.