California IoT law in force
The state of California in the USA was the first of its country to pass a law (SB-327) on IT security for IoT (Internet of Things)
Mechatrolink IoT / System Health & Machine Productivity - Data Access from Anywhere
Learn with our Success Story from Mechatrolink how fast and easy the realization of a digitization project can be carried out. With Remote Access in combination with Edge Computing to a successful business model.
Digital Bread - The easy way to your own service app.
Remote Access meets Edge Computing - This success story tells you how WP Kemper's digital services are pioneering & how they can extend their lead with their own service app.
Red Lion and MB connect line announce strategic collaboration
Red Lion Controls and MB connect line GmbH are pleased to announce their strategic collaboration to offer remote and secure connectivity solutions leveraging Red Lion®’s rugged line of industrial automation products.
IIoT applications in practice
The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT for short) has arrived in practice. However, IIoT applications are only successful if they offer customers real benefits. At SPS 2019, we will show a few practical examples - based on customer applications that have already been implemented.
Your All-In-One solution for secure remote access
The remote maintenance portal mbCONNECT24 is the universal remote access service of the MB connect line. Each customer account is an independent service maintained and monitored by MB connect line.
Industrial firewall closes security gap
With the safety instruction SSA-542701 dated 14.05.2019, Siemens has informed users about safety weaknesses in LOGO! 8.
Secure and Complete - Modular system for remote monitoring and digital services
MB connect line offers a comprehensive modular system which allows a secure infrastructure can be realisation. This enables end-to-end complete solutions for a wide range of industrial applications – from simple data acquisition through remote maintenance and M2M communication to industrial IoT solutions in which machines and systems exchange data fully automatic and react to events.
Engineer's Choice Award 2018 for MB connect line's mbNETFIX
We are proud to announce that the industrial firewall mbNETFIX has been awarded with the Engineer's Choice Award as Honorable Mention 2018 in the category Industrial Cybersecurity.
Enable your customer to control your remote access - Clever strategies for successful and secure remote services in practice
One of the recommendations of every national Cybersecurity agency (ENISA, BSI, ANSSI ...) is the operator's control of the remote maintenance connection. Remote access should preferably be initiated and terminated from within the company. A key switch can be used for remote maintenance. It enables the operator to control remote maintenance connections on a physical level...